Docker install?

After some digging, I do see some references to a docker and dockerfile, but I’m a little unclear if that is a “viable” way of installing syncosync…

For background, I run an unRaid server with plenty of storage here at the house. Would like to build out a little syncosync, raspberry pi box at my son’s place while allotting some unRaid storage to a docker running here at my place. I don’t need to spin up another box (even a Pi) to run this when I’m already running the big box.

Thanks for any pointers!

The references to docker you see in the git repo are for building packages and distros.

Actually there is no syncosync docker. Thinking about it - it should be feasible. The main area to understand is how the disk has to be offered to the docker: syncosync needs at least one disk to detect via lssci, which will be used for storage. I am not too deep into docker but this should be possible at least with a loopback device. In addition you should set up a new systype inside syncsoync, which only looks at that device.

As we have plenty of other open features we like to implement, it is not something we could implement or test now, but of course feel free to give it a try :slight_smile: