Questions about partitioning

Hey there,

I have two questions regarding partitioning:

  1. Is a re-partitioning possible without data loss? (Of course, assuming that there is space left on the partition to be shrunk.)
  2. Would it be possible to allow finer partitioning than in 10% steps? I would prefer it if 5% steps were possible.


Hey Tim,

Basically yes, but the UI looks broken for that - it is not in the automated tests yet. So let me check it soon and I come back with that.

We had 5% and the main reason is, that it looked ugly. But let me try again. What already should definitely work is to do this via cli - but let me first check this out. The basics are implemented.

Hey Steve,

sorry I keep causing you extra work. :wink: But great you are open to all these suggestions!

Regarding “beauty vs. flexibility”, I would vote for “ugly but flexible”. :wink:

Repartitioning was planned anyway. but it is a complicated beast, I guess, we cannot 100% guarantee, that it will be fool proof: if you repartition very “tight” while a sync is not complete, this may be messed up. So the sosadmin has to take minimal care… but maybe we have a better idea somehow :slight_smile:

Ok, partition steps are now set to 5% and resizing works also, but we will wrap some more security around it… stay tuned :slight_smile:

Sounds perfect, thanks! :slight_smile: