Bug in size report of Admin emails, Should I do an apt-get upgrade?

Hey Stevie,

I am still running syncosync just fine with my brother and am generally very happy with it. I hope more people will pick it up, I consider it a great backup solution. Anyway, there are two things I wanted to mention/ask:

  1. In the weekly admin emails it says something to the effect of “there is 1 account, with 2.7 TB of space of which 1.8 TB are used”. It seems these numbers are not updated appropriately. When I log in to the interface I see that meanwhile 2.0 TB are used. Maybe worth checking!

  2. I know that several packages of the underlying Linux are being updated automatically (including syncosync itself). Still, there are some that I could update with an apt-get update && apt-get upgrade. Question is: Should I? Would that have any benefit? I am hesitant as it could also cause problems …

Cheers, and keep up the good work,

Hey Tim,

tbh the work around syncosync slowed down - not stopping but slowing down - as the keyplayers in there are a at the moment occupied with other tasks in there life to earn money.

My hope is still to earn money at one day by e.g. selling sos appliances or at least having some patrons. Both did not start really yet :slight_smile:

At the moment, we have overworked some stuff in the disk management area to be more secure of failing HDDs, which as we all know might happen sooner or later.

I will have a look at that. Best would be - so it won’t get lost - to open up an issue on that on gitlab?

The benefit is of course to have an updated system, e.g. bug fixes in ssh-server or so won’t make your sosbox atackable etc., so aside from the risk it could break something, I would say: yes, go ahead. If there was an issue, the minimum possibility would be to revert to a sos image… this does not mean you have to set up everything from crash, as you just can restore the config.