Bug in size report of Admin emails, Should I do an apt-get upgrade?

Hey Stevie,

I am still running syncosync just fine with my brother and am generally very happy with it. I hope more people will pick it up, I consider it a great backup solution. Anyway, there are two things I wanted to mention/ask:

  1. In the weekly admin emails it says something to the effect of “there is 1 account, with 2.7 TB of space of which 1.8 TB are used”. It seems these numbers are not updated appropriately. When I log in to the interface I see that meanwhile 2.0 TB are used. Maybe worth checking!

  2. I know that several packages of the underlying Linux are being updated automatically (including syncosync itself). Still, there are some that I could update with an apt-get update && apt-get upgrade. Question is: Should I? Would that have any benefit? I am hesitant as it could also cause problems …

Cheers, and keep up the good work,